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  • The world’s tallest suspension bridge on Bosphorus Strait is powered by us ”
  • We are the power partners for the 62 Buckingham Gate, landmark and the city’s most sought after destination for office, retail and residential space in UK ”
  • We have a fleet of generators powering one of the leader in gold mining at Myanmar ”
  • We powered a Medical ship to complete its 10,000 mile journey ”

- Global leaders in power generation solutions in Sri Lanka

Our Featured Products

FG Wilson has over fifty years of experience in the supply of diesel and gas generator sets.

Medium Power Range

Emissions/Fuel Strategy

Minimum Rating
225kVA / 180kW - 681.3kVA / 545kW
Maximum Rating
250kVA / 200kW - 750kVA / 600kW

Low Power Range

Emissions/Fuel Strategy

Minimum Rating
6.8kVA / 6.8kW - 200kVA / 160kW
Maximum Rating
7.5kVA / 7.5kW - 220kVA / 176kW

High Power Range

Emissions/Fuel Strategy

Minimum Rating
730kVA / 584kW - 2250kVA / 1800kW
Maximum Rating
844kVA / 675.2kW - 2500kVA / 2000kW

For more challenging power needs, FG Wilson's Power Solutions Department is dedicated to providing bespoke solutions to meet your specific requirements, timelines and budget, regardless of complexity. Our product range, 6.8 – 2500 kVA, includes open and enclosed generator sets for any type of application. For more information contact us.

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Our Dealer Network are industry leading experts providing excellent quality product, superior sales support and a solid aftermarket capability. Below are the authorized dealers for FG Wilson:

  • “It is testament to all those involved in the design and construction of the project, and the vision of developer, Irvine Sellar, and his team that this inspirational building has been constructed. This vision was made real by Mace's project management expertise and by their recognition that the generator system should be a single contractor turnkey package.”
    James Murphy
    Director of Bells Control
  • “An unprecedented number of call outs over the Christmas and New Year period gave us a chance to demonstrate our expertise and scope of delivery. Extra drivers and engineers were brought in to ensure our customers received the power they required to fulfill their own Service Level Agreements.”
    Daniel Slee
    Operations Director at Power Electrics
  • “This is the first time that there has ever been giant pandas in Scotland and their arrival marked an historic moment for Edinburgh Zoo, Scotland and the UK that the media was keen to capture. We're delighted to have played a role in celebrating the beginning of the pandas' ten-year stay in Edinburgh and have become addicted to the zoo's 'Panda Cam' ever since.”
    Tim Shaw
    Managing Director of Tower Productions
  • “As with any NHS hospital, ensuring costs remained viable was a priority for Forth Valley. Working in conjunction with FG Wilson, we delivered substantial savings compared to a conventional installation solution. It was a very rewarding project and a great success thanks to the co-operation and collaboration of all involved.”
    George Hobbins
    Project Manager on the Forth Valley Hospital